Disgraced Bankers still get huge payouts?????


Disgraced Bankers still get huge payouts?????

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Perks: Disgraced banker Peter Cummings has left HBOS with an estimated m pension pot

disgraced banker

This guy helped bring about the collapse of Halifax Bank of Scotland. What a joke.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1157747/The-new-10m-bank-fat-cat-Man-helped-HBOS-knees-pull-pension-400-000-y


Fat Cat banker

The Spanish Government is looking for a 19 billion Euro bailout for the Spanish bank Bankia. It is partly in deep shit because of this fool Aurelio Izquierdo, so why should he get such a big payout of 14 million Euro? Or is it better to get rid of the fool before he can lose more money????

fat cat banker

This senior executive Matias Amat took early retirement at 58 from Bankia. My mom lost half of her retirement. This guy I am sure made a fat salary and then still got a 6,2 million payout. That is for doing a crap job as the bank needs a 19 billion euro bailout. Come on.

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