Bankers / Wankers


Bankers / Wankers

Bankers still rake in fat salaries and bonuses. These investmentment professional are the same guys that a couple of years ago got us all in the shit. Some people lost their pensions. Governments had to bail out banks with tax payers money

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However salaries at investment banks have been increased by around 40% over the past year. As a result pay, pensions and bonuses per head at Barclays Capital have risen 20% to £236,000 on average – which doesn’t look too mean, at a time when most British people are suffering real cuts in their earnings as a result of inflation and low pay rises.
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Rest of the country
Average earnings including bonuses were up by 1.8 per cent in October-December compared with a year ago, a drop of 0.3 percentage points on the July-September period. Excluding bonuses, the figure was unchanged at 2.3 per cent.
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